John Pritchard

11:48 am
Mon June 22, 2009

Yazoo Blues, by John Pritchard

This novel is a lascivious, sex-filled, dirty comic routine. It's not for everyone, but if you can stand it, there's a laugh on every page.

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Don Noble
9:08 am
Mon July 18, 2005

Junior Ray

A difficult, but truthful, look at life in the Mississippi Delta. Comes with a "warning label."

Junior Ray

Junior Ray is an odd book.

It comes like a pack of cigarettes, with what amounts to a warning label. Even the publishers seem afraid of this book.

The promotional materials say things like, ?This book is not for the squeamish,? and, boy, is that the truth.

Junior Ray begins like a 19th-century fiction, with faux verisimilitude.

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