Fort Morgan

            All week long Alabama Public Radio is taking a look back at events during the War Between the States. One hundred fifty years ago plans were underway for federal forces to attack and capture Mobile Bay from the Confederacy. We remember the ensuing battle with someone with a unique vantage point…

“As far as my friends and people really knowing this information, very few of them do.”

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Alabama Historical Commission officials say they're working to save some of the state's historic sites from being sold despite an audit outlining the possible sale of some landmarks.

Commission Director Frank White told on Monday that a five-year plan to cut costs and boost revenue are expected to help the organization stave off sales of popular historical properties. If sales do become necessary White says Fort Morgan, Old Cahawba and the state Capitol building won't be among the sites being considered.

Fort Morgan, Alabama – Civil War history buffs have a reason to head to the Alabama gulf coast this year, and not just for the beaches. Two forts, on either side of Mobile Bay, played a crucial role in the Civil War, which occured 150 years ago. One of those forts may be in trouble. Today, APR's Pat Duggins revisits Fort Morgan, which had the largest number of troops at any fort during the conflict.