Former Alabama Gov. Albert Brewer

The passing of former Alabama governor Albert Brewer marks the passing of an era in Alabama politics...



When people ask me about the classic Alabama governor’s races, the first that comes to mind is the 1970 Titanic clash between Albert Brewer and George Wallace.


Albert Brewer was smart and articulate with a charming smile and winning personality. He had lots of friends in the legislature having been a speaker and Lt. Governor. All that gave him a good grasp of state politics.  He smoothly took the reigns of state government upon the death of Lurleen Wallace


The Birmingham News file

Alabama's Constitutional Revision Commission ended its rewrite of the state constitution on Wednesday with no major changes to provisions that give Montgomery broad control over the state's 67 counties.

The commission was created by the Alabama Legislature in 2011 to review and rewrite the entire 1901 constitution, piece by piece. The commission's revisions require approval by the Legislature, and passage by voters as amendments, before they could become part of the constitution.