The Alabama State Fire Marshal’s Office is reminding residents to pay attention to possible fire hazards in the home now that the holiday season is in full swing, Scott Pilgreen is the Alabama Fire Marshal. He says one hazard people don’t usually think about during the holiday season is burning candles. “We need to make sure that the candles that we have, whether it be for decoration or scent or both, that we keep them at a proper distance from anything that could be combustible. It could be...

The Secret Life of Santas

Dec 7, 2016
Steve Pennington
Allison Mollenkamp / APR

Some things happen like clockwork this time of year. Trimming the Christmas tree, long lines at the shopping mall—and for parents of small children, there’s the traditional photo with the kids on Santa’s lap. There are plenty of children waiting to talk to Kris Kringle, and that means an annual recruiting drive for Santas to keep up with demand. APR student reporter Allison Mollenkamp takes this look into the secret life of Santas… The Railroad Café in Bessemer, AL isn’t all that busy on...

Gifts for Pet People

Dec 3, 2016
cogdogblog (Alan Levine) [Flickr]

Gifts for pet people are easy to find, and they don't have to be expensive. One year my sister-in-law cross-stitched a cat picture on a pillow; I still use the pillow and enjoy it all year long! ***********

Elba to divide $2M in flood funds through drawing process

Oct 23, 2016

The city of Elba will host a town hall meeting to decide how to distribute $2 million of FEMA flood mitigation funds. The city is using the money to buy and tear down houses damaged during the 2015 Christmas flood. Coffee County Emergency Management Director Larry Walker says there isn't enough funding for everyone who's applied for the buyout. He adds homeowners with major damage will be guaranteed assistance. Walker says there are about 40 homes with minor damage and they're not sure if...

Mindy Norton

Most Christmas manger scenes include animals, because the Christ child was born in a stable. And besides Joseph and Mary, they were the only witnesses to the birth of Jesus. So it seems only natural that we would want to include our pets in family celebrations, especially at Christmas! *************************

The ride-hailing company Uber says it will soon begin operating in Birmingham after city officials approved new regulations. City council members voted 7-1 today to approve the ordinance. The city's mayor still must sign it. Companies have to apply and get approval for a permit and conduct background checks on drivers under the ordinance. Ride-hailing services such as Uber and Lyft let people use smartphone apps to book and pay for rides. Birmingham officials have been discussing whether to...

big presh (David Precious) [Flickr]

It is not easy to keep your pet safe from the dangers posed by the Christmas tree. It may be best if the tree is in a room with a door that you can close, so your four-footed buddy cannot have unsupervised access to the tempting holiday decorations! ************************************

Waiting for the Word [Flickr]

Including our furry friends in our Christmas celebrations is not so far-fetched when you consider that almost every nativity scene you see today includes animals. After all, Baby Jesus was born in their house, a stable. So, Merry Christmas to all the members of your household! ******************************

JOE-3PO (Joseph Vasquez) [Flickr] / Joseph Vasquez Photography

Christmas decorations really add to the festive celebration of the season, but they can become hazards to the well-being of our animal companions. So go ahead and deck the halls, but keep your pet's safety in mind. ************************************


The Alabama Senate has approved a bill that the sponsor says will keep education about Christmas and Hanukkah in public schools. The Senate voted 22-7 Thursday for the bill by Republican Sen. Gerald Allen of Tuscaloosa. His bill now goes to the House for consideration. Allen's bill allows schools to educate students about the history of traditional winter celebrations and allows student and staff to exchange traditional greetings. Christmas and Hanukkah are the only celebrations mentioned in...

Sharing this holiday with all members of our family, including the four-footed ones, is not a new idea. In fact, when we think back to how it all began it seems only natural that they should be a part of our Christmas celebration. ****************************

APR's Holiday Programming Schedule

Dec 17, 2013

Thanks to our listeners and supporters, all of us as Alabama Public Radio have a lot to be grateful for! We hope you will join us as we celebrate the holidays with special programming that will run throughout the month of December and ending on New Year's Day. A list of some of our upcoming specials: 12/17
9 a.m. The Carol Connection II
10 a.m. Christmas with the Morehouse & Spelman Glee Clubs
11 a.m. St. Olaf Christmas Festival 12/18
9 a.m. A Leroy Anderson...

There may be a reason why we humans like to include our animal friends in the Christmas celebration. After all, they were included from the very beginning! ******************************

Susan Katherine Rits

If you're traveling during the holidays, one of the first decisions is what to do with your pet. You can take it with you, board it, or have someone come to your home to care for it. Once you decide what's best for you and your best friend, you can relax knowing both of you will have a good holiday. ************************************

Deck The Halls!

Nov 24, 2012
Ben Garney

'Tis the season to deck the halls with boughs of holly and lots of other pretty things that we enjoy; but our pets may see the decorations as potential toys. ********************************