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11:30 pm
Sun April 28, 2013

More Than 20 Thousand Ala. Jobs Announced In 2013

While more than 20,000 jobs were announced for 2013 in Alabama there is still work to be done.
Credit Hannah Rosen / Flickr

Last year new and expanding industries announced plans to create more than 20,000 jobs with investments topping $5.4 billion in Alabama.

But those numbers did not include a single new job or investment in almost a dozen of Alabama's 67 counties.

Three-quarters of that investment and two-thirds of the jobs are slated for the state's 15 urban counties, defined as those with cities that have populations of 25,000 people or more, reported. The rest of the new jobs was split among 41 rural counties and the 11 that ended up empty-handed are also all considered rural.

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