Alligator Season

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6:16 am
Thu July 3, 2014

Deadline For Gator Hunters Approaching


The deadline for getting a tag to hunt alligators is coming up in Alabama.

The state has been holding regulated hunt for alligators for eight years, and hunters have until July 8 to get a tag for this year. The cost is $22.

The state wildlife agency will issue 240 tags in three zones, and everyone receiving a tag can kill one alligator.

The alligator hunting areas cover much of the southern half of the state, where the reptiles are most common.

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Gator Season Wraps
5:24 pm
Fri August 31, 2012

Alligator Season Wraps

Jennifer Smith and family posing with their catch
Stan Ingold

   The seventh annual alligator season has just wrapped up in Alabama. One hundred twenty five tags were issued to hunters who wanted to chase down the large reptiles. Of that, seventy-eight gators were brought in, leaving forty seven tags unfilled.

   Two weekends a year Alabamians get the opportunity to hunt for alligators. Hunters like Jennifer Smith and her family, who bagged a three-hundred fifteen pound alligator that measured ten feet five inches long. She says hope to go every chance she gets.

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