Alabama State Treasurer Young Boozer

Alabama’s teachers are getting some good news about their retirement savings. reports investments by the Alabama Teachers’ Retirement System, managed by the Retirement Systems of Alabama earned 10.4% during the most recent fiscal year ending September 30. That’s up from just 1.04% the year before. As Alabama state treasurer Young Boozer puts it, “What happened was we moved the decimal point one place to the right.”

The phrases "Internal Revenue Service" and "free of charge" may not seem to go together. But the people who collect your income taxes every year are offering a new system that’s available at no cost.

The FreeFile internet program is free for taxpayers who earn less than $60,000 per year. The system keeps track of your information and calculations as you fill out your tax forms and tells you if you make a mistake.

Alabama State Treasurer Young Boozer is officially seeking a second term.

   The Republican treasurer announced his plans Wednesday while in Tuscaloosa to address Girls State.

State Treasurer Young Boozer has announced a new state scholarship program that's aimed at Alabama students who are often overlooked for financial assistance.