Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice

day without immigrants
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The Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice is inviting those in Mobile to join a nationwide Day Without Immigrants.

The group is holding a vigil this evening at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Mobile. Organizers say it will be one of many events held in more than 200 cities nationwide. The ACIJ says the event is about “resisting and defeating the federal administration’s attacks on immigrant families natonwide.”

An immigrant rights group is trying to register more Hispanics to vote in Alabama.

The Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice says it's launching a program called "Alabama Vota" to encourage more Hispanic voters to get involved in the electoral process.

The program is concentrating mainly in the Birmingham and Huntsville areas. But a website with Spanish-language information about registering to vote is available to anyone.

The program includes information about how to comply with Alabama's new voter identification law.

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Immigrants and their backers are planning a rally and march in Birmingham to show their support for changes in federal immigrations laws.

Organizers say they are expecting hundreds of people for a demonstration planned for Wednesday evening in a downtown park.

The Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice says one goal of the protest is to show U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions that Alabamians support immigration reform.

Sessions is among the Republican opponents of legislation that critics say amounts to amnesty for people living in the country illegally.