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While maintaining the civility and fairness that are the hallmarks of public radio, OTM tackles sticky issues with a frankness and transparency that has built trust with listeners and led to more than a tripling of its audience in five years.

Since OTM was re-launched in 2001, it has been one of NPR's fastest growing programs, heard on more than 300 public radio stations. It has won Edward R. Murrow Awards for feature reporting and investigative reporting, the National Press Club's Arthur Rowse Award for Press Criticism and a Peabody Award for its body of work.


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  • Thursday, February 26, 2015 11:00pm

    This week, after years of debate, the FCC voted to treat the internet like a public utility. On the Media examines what the decision means for the data flowing through our devices. Also, as the situation in Libya continues to deteriorate, a look back at the people who helped end Muammar Qaddafi's rule in 2011.

  • Thursday, February 19, 2015 11:00pm

    Why the language of terrorism is so divisive. Also, how Fifty Shades of Grey introduced America to the kink community.

  • Thursday, February 12, 2015 11:00pm

    An exploration of the term “whistleblower”, from its origins as a sports reference to its current status as a moral mantle. Plus, reframing the legacy Jim Crow-era lynchings. And a farewell to venerable media satirist Jon Stewart. 

  • Thursday, February 5, 2015 11:00pm

    The content of a new ISIS video shocks the world. Also, vaccinating children stokes faux controversy, again, and a new documentary has the Church of Scientology on the offensive.  

  • Thursday, February 5, 2015 1:06pm

    Meet our friends from down the hall. The podcast New Tech City about technology and human behavior has kicked off a fascinating project that anyone can join in on. And, we want you to know about it.

    This episode of New Tech City kicks off the Bored and Brilliant Project. The goal is to get you rethinking your relationship with technology and to start thinking more creatively by testing your tech habits in a series of challenges. Since the spread of smartphones began, boredom has become an endangered species. Spare moments where daydreaming used to manifest have become extra email checks or candies crushed. That might be a problem, because, as you will hear in the audio, boredom can in fact beget creativity.

    You can join the Bored and Brilliant Project, take the challenges, and even track your phone usage as you go through the process here.