UWA Trustees Asked to Resign

Livingston, AL – Faculty members of the University of West Alabama have asked seven of the schools trustees to resign.
U-W-A's faculty Senate approval a resolution on Wednesday that is critical of the seven trustees' decision to sue the university using school funds. The resolution also blames the group for the school's recent probation status.
Last month -- the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools -- placed U-W-A on academic probation. SACS claimed that the board of trustees regularly interfered with the school's day-to-day operations. The accrediting agency has given the school a year to remedy the problem.
The seven members named in the resolution are Mann Minus, Dwight Duke, Thed Spree, Robert Keahey, Doris Oliveira, John Smith and Nat Watkins. They represent the majority faction of U-W-A's board of trustees, which split into two factions last year during a struggle to name a chairman.