Summing Up The Trump-Kim Summit

Jun 12, 2018
Originally published on June 12, 2018 12:44 pm

After months of talk (and letters) President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un are meeting this week.

This meeting follows a tension-filled G7 gathering in Quebec, in which President Trump sharply criticized Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. He also instructed representatives to withdraw his signature from the meeting’s communique due to disagreements on trade policy.

The White House says the talks are moving “more quickly than expected.”. But what does a successful summit look like for each country?


Ken Adelman, Former director of the U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency and former U.N. Ambassador; author, Reagan at Reykjavik: Forty-Eight Hours That Ended the Cold War

Naoko Aoki, Research Associate, Center for International and Security Studies at Maryland

Ishaan Tharoor, Foreign affairs writer, The Washington Post

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