Stuffy Public Radio

Apr 2, 2012

As you are aware, we here at public radio do not believe in laughter or jokes.  We take everything very seriously.

With that thought in mind.  Please enjoy the following reports:

NPR Name Song

Super PACS

Daily News 

I'm not sure how or why public radio got the reputation of having no sense of humor.  Our listeners know it isn't true. 

From it's earliest days, laughter has been a part of public radio.  If you were listening in 1979, you may have heard Susan Stamberg and Ira Flatow in a closet chewing wintergreen Lifesavers to find out if they candy really sparked when eaten!  It's one of NPR's most replayed clips.

Yes, we want to know the day's news.  But we are a curious bunch as well - and sometimes that curiousity leads to some very funny moments.