Senator Shelby Reportedly Being Investigated

Washington, DC – A spokesperson for Senator Richard Shelby says the senator has not been told he's the target of a U-S Justice Department investigation. The department has been investigating leaks of classified information related to the September eleventh, 2001 terrorist attacks. Shelby is now reportedly the focus of the investigation. At the time of the leaks, Shelby was chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. Through a written statement, Shelby said he doesn't know anything about the progress of the investigation and it has been more than a year since officials contacted him about the issue. Shelby also says he has never knowingly leaked classified information, but he says he and his staff will continue to cooperate with investigators. The Justice Department is looking into a disclosure in 2002 that the National Security Agency intercepted messages on September 10th, 2001. Those messages said something would happen the next day, but they were not translated until September 12th.