Pet Resorts

Jul 19, 2014

A lovely day at the spa!
Credit buchsammy (Ralf Bitzer) [Flickr]

Gone are the days when your pet had to spend its "vacation" in a cramped cage.  Pet resorts have become very popular - with both owners and their furry friends!


Occasionally on vacation I have stayed at a resort – usually a beautiful place with lots of things to see and do to keep guests entertained. Fortunately I have a wonderful friend who comes to my house and looks after my pets when I’m away. Otherwise I might have to board them.

It used to be that boarding your pets meant they had to stay in small cages the whole time you were gone, unless you found a friendly place that would take them out once in a while. But now your best friend can visit a resort of its own.

I don’t mean a resort where you can go and take your pet along. I mean resorts where your pet takes a vacation. You can find them all over the country – Florida, Texas, Michigan, Arizona, Las Vegas – even Gulf Shores Alabama. They offer accommodations ranging from studio-type rooms with a pet bed to a suite with a window and a full-size sofa.

Some offer packages that include lots of activities for your pet, while others allow you to choose from a menu. You might want your pet to have individual play time, or participate in group pool parties. How about a Frosty Paws treat on a hot afternoon, or a gourmet meal on a holiday?

Some pet resorts offer spa treatments – your dog might enjoy a massage; your cat may benefit from some “cuddle-time”. Most places provide daily housekeeping, including fresh bedding and clean food bowls.

As you might guess, all pet resorts are not created equal – and more expensive does not necessarily mean better care for your pet. At one resort, a “suite” may really be just an indoor-outdoor run for a dog, or a cage with two shelves for your cat. At another, it may be more like a “home” atmosphere.

If possible, visit the pet resort ahead of time. Find out just how much time your pet will spend outside its “room”. Some resorts offer a detailed schedule for your pet’s daily activities. Others are willing to adjust your animal’s feeding schedule to fit its usual routine. What matters most is that you choose a place where your pet will be comfortable and safe.

So, the next time you go away from home, look into a resort for your pet. Your best friend could go on a great vacation, too, when you’re speaking of pets.