Peanut Butter Blamed for Walker Co. Jailbreak

Aug 1, 2017

Authorities say the dozen inmates that escaped from a county jail in Alabama over the weekend did so using peanut butter.

Walker County Sheriff James Underwood says the inmates used the peanut butter to change the number above a cell door to match the number identifying a door leading outside. So when an inmate asked a young and inexperienced jailer to let him into his cell, the jailer opened the outside door instead.

The dozen inmates were then able to flee, tossing off their uniforms and using blankets to scale a razor wire fence.

Sheriff Underwood says all but one of the inmates was captured within eight hours of the escape. He hopes the last prisoner, 24 year old Brady Kirkpatrick, will be back in custody by the end of the day today.

The inmates apparently saved peanut butter from food regularly served at the jail in order to pull off the scheme. Underwood says “they love peanut butter sandwiches.”