Moore's Ethics Trial Begins Today

Montgomery, AL – Suspended Chief Justice Roy Moore will begin the fight to keep his job this morning, as his judicial ethics trial begins in Montgomery.
The Court of the Judiciary will hear 6 different charges that Moore violated judicial ethics standards when he ignored a federal court order to remove a Ten Commandments monument from the rotunda of the state judicial building.
Moore says he is innocent of any violations because he was disobeying an unlawful court order. However, Attorney General Bill Pryor wants Moore removed for his "sensational flouting of a valid federal injunction."
It would take a unanimous vote from the nine member judicial panel to remove Moore from office. The court also could suspend Moore, reprimand him or exonerate him.
One of Moore's attorneys says Moore's trial could be over by tonight.
If Moore is removed from office, he would lose a salary which is among the highest in the nation for judges.
If stripped of his duties, Moore could no longer draw his 172-thousand dollar a year salary ... that ranks as eighth highest nationally. The US Supreme Court chief justice makes about 199-thousand dollars a year.
If removed from office, Moore would still be eligible to run for re-election as Chief Justice, or for other public offices.