Man Jailed for Decade Wants Case Dismissed

Jun 6, 2017

Kharon Davis appears in a Houston County courtroom for a hearing.

A man who has been held in jail in Alabama for a full decade without a trial wants his case dismissed.

A judge will hold a hearing later today on the request to dismiss murder charges against Kharon Davis of Dothan, Ala. Davis was arrested in 2007 in the shooting death of Pete Reaves and has pleaded not guilty.

Davis’s lawyers argue his constitutional right to a speedy trial has been violated. They say the court caused much of the delay by failing to address a conflict with his first defense lawyer. That attorney represented Davis for four years despite the fact that his son was the investigating officer in the case. He was finally removed by the court in 2011.

Prosecutors oppose the motion to dismiss. They say Davis himself caused a significant portion of the delay by firing a replacement lawyer.