Man Arrested After Shooting At 'Bama Frat House

Nov 6, 2012

Tuscaloosa police say a man is charged with attempted murder after a shooting at a University of Alabama fraternity house.

Authorities say 61-year-old Eugene Kelly also faces additional charges after the confrontation that occurred Tuesday at Phi Delta Theta.

Police say a man allegedly went to the fraternity house after a dispute with two relatives who work for the organization. A police spokesman says a shot was fired at the fraternity house, but no one was hurt and the alleged gunman left.

No students were involved.

Authorities say a woman was stabbed at a residence off the university campus moments after the shooting. The suspect fled, and police say bystanders held him down after he wrecked his car and tried to jump off a viaduct in the city.

Tuscaloosa Police have arrested a man after after shooting at a University of Alabama frat house.

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