Huntsville Gathering to Celebrate Alabama and Israel's Relationship

Mar 24, 2014

The city of Huntsville is hosting a gathering Tuesday, March 25th in celebration of the relationship between Alabama and Israel.  John Buhler is co-founder of the Alabama-Israel Task Force, a group working to bring Christians and Jews together in support of the biblical restoration of the nation of Israel.  Buhler says Alabama issued a resolution in 1943 calling for the establishment of a homeland for the Jewish people 5 years before the state of Israel was declared.

John Buhler: “Alabama was THE first state, and only state to do so at that time.  That was in the middle of World War II.  It was in the middle of the Holocaust, when the Axis powers were seeking the systematic extermination of the Jews and we were in World War.  So it was a very historic and inspiring event that occurred.  And we were wanting to recognize that.”

Buhler says people are usually surprised to hear about it.

Buhler: “There’s many things, whether personally or as a state, there may be things in our past that we regret, or may be moments of shame.  But when moments like this occur that are noble and honorable and worthy of remembrance, it can be very inspiring.”

Alabama Lieutenant Governor Kay Ivey will be the keynote speaker.  Representatives from Israel will be in attendance.  Also invited are Governor Robert Bentley and Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle.  The event starts at 7 at the Von Braun Center.  It’s free and open to the public.