HealthSouth Workers Testify Before Committee

Washington, DC – A Congressional subcommittee heard testimony from former HealthSouth employees Thursday. They said HealthSouth was rife with intimidating supervisors and fearful workers. Their testimony also cast doubt on former chairman Richard Scrushy's claims that he knew nothing of the company's two-point-five billion dollar accounting fraud. Scrushy also was called to testify but refused to answer any questions. He is facing a civil lawsuit by the Securities and Exchange Commission, but Scrushy has not been charged criminally. But House Energy and Commerce Committee chairman Jim Greenwood of Pennsylvania says Scrushy is just the "last man standing" after a wave of guilty pleas from former HealthSouth colleagues. Fifteen former employees, including all five of the company's former C-F-Os, have pleaded guilty to criminal fraud charges since the Justice Department opened its investigation in March.