GOP Senate Incumbents Beat Back AEA-Funded Challengers

Jun 5, 2014

Republican incumbents in the Alabama Senate have claimed victory, repelling a slate of challengers funded by the state teachers' lobby and an anti-Common Core group.

Senate President Pro Tem Del Marsh called Tuesday night a great one for incumbents.

Credit Alabama Education Association

One Senate GOP incumbent, Sen. Jerry Fielding of Talladega lost to Rep. Jim McClendon, but that race was separate from the AEA-involved races.

In the House, AEA backed candidates defeated several incumbents in the hopes of slowing down a GOP legislative train that has often been at odds with the teachers' lobby.

Rep. Bill Roberts of Jasper and Rep. Wayne Johnson of Ryland lost.

Rep. Kurt Wallace of Maplesville, Rep. Richard Baughn of Lynn and Rep. Charles Newton of Greenville also appeared to be losing to challengers according to unofficial returns.