The Dogs Are Coming - to Westminster!

Feb 9, 2013

Westminster - Tibetan Mastiff
Credit Kjunstorm / Lori Branham

New York City is going to the dogs this coming week, as the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show takes center stage!


The American Kennel Club recently released its list of the most popular dogs for 2012, based on breed registrations.

At the top of the list, where it has been for at least a decade, is the Laborador Retriever. The German Shepherd remained in second place. Golden Retrievers and Beagles came in third and fourth, swapping places from the prior year. Yorkshire Terriers dropped to sixth place, letting the Bulldogs beat them out for fifth. Rounding out the top ten were Boxers, Poodles, Rottweilers, and finally Dachshunds in the tenth spot.

All told, there are 175 breeds on the AKC list, including two new ones – the Russell Terrier which snagged the 43rd most popular spot, and the Treeing Walker Coonhound, coming in at number one hundred.

Some breeds are easily recognizable, while others may not be as well known. But coming up this week in New York City is the 137th Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Televised by USA Network, it’s a chance for all of us to see the beauty and variety of dogs that represent the best of the best.

This year there will be more than 3,000 dogs competing to be the best in their breed. Each breed winner will compete in a specific category such as Hound, Sporting, or Toy. The winners of the seven categories will compete to see who will be the top dog.

Last year’s winner was a Pekingese who won his breed, then the Toy category, and finally the grand prize, Best In Show. Apparently popularity means nothing to the judges, as the Pekingese is number 73 on the AKC list, dropping from the 64th position the year before.

Check out the action on Monday and Tuesday; watch it on TV, keep up with it on the internet – or, download the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show app for your smart phone. You can download the app by clicking on the link below. If you’re curious to see where your favorite breed falls on the American Kennel Club’s list, visit

DOWNLOAD APP for Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show here:  WKC APP

And remember that even if your dog (or cat) isn’t a “show” animal, it’s already a winner because it’s your best friend, when you’re speaking of pets.