Come Home to APR

Oct 13, 2012

Coming home means having a sense of belonging that lets you know you're in the right place.  And what could be more right for a radio listener than Alabama Public Radio?


For me, one of the nicest things about traveling is coming home.

While I’m away, a good friend stops by every day to make sure my pets have plenty of food and water. She even plays with them.

But when I come home from a trip I can tell my cats have missed me. One walks in front of me as I climb the stairs, trying to figure out where I’m going next so she can go there, too. Another does the tuck-and-roll maneuver on my feet - if you have a cat you probably recognize that one. He tucks his head down then rolls over on top of my feet, giving them a nice full-body massage.

Some days it can be difficult to walk because they’re underfoot. But then I remember that they’re just expressing their pleasure that I’m back. It’s a sense of companionship and familiarity that tells me I’m home.

My travels sometimes take me outside the Alabama Public Radio listening area. I may sleep in unfamiliar beds and eat in unfamiliar places, but I can always turn on the radio and search the lower end of that dial until I find it - the unmistakable sound of public radio. And once I locate the public radio station on the dial, I don’t have to waste my time searching any more.

Whether I hear classical music, or recognizable voices like Terry Gross or Scott Simon, that connection feels like home, wherever I am. Still - as I’m returning from my trip, getting close to home, I hit the button on my car radio, the one that’s set to Alabama Public Radio.

Whether it’s our award-winning news team with the latest news update or David Duff giving me some insight into a piece of classical music, it feels like I’m practically there. I know I’m close to home, close to the things that I depend on to be a part of my life.

If you’re a regular listener to APR but you just haven’t made that call yet, it’s time to come home - to Alabama Public Radio. Call (855) 353-6644 or go online to to make a contribution and join the family.

It feels like home when you’re speaking of pets - and when you’re speaking of Alabama Public Radio.