Bentley: Incentives needed to win Boeing Plant

Dec 10, 2013

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) — Gov. Robert Bentley says the Legislature will have to approve money for new industrial incentives if Alabama lands Boeing's new aircraft plant. Tuesday was the deadline for states to submit their offers for the 777X plant. Alabama got its offer in ahead of the deadline. Alabama is one of about 15 states competing for the project. Bentley isn't saying how big Alabama's offer was, but he says Alabama needs more incentive funding than it has now to recruit a plant that could provide up to 8,500 jobs. Bentley says Alabama has a pro-business Legislature, and he expects its support if legislation is needed to secure the plant. Boeing is looking at the Huntsville area as a possible site for the plant. Boeing's competitor, Airbus, is building a plant in Mobile.