Auburn On, Talladega Off Probation

Talladega, Auburn AL – The Auburn Alumni Association has renewed its calls for the resignation of some of the school's top officials.
Alumni Association Board Member Ralph Jer-den, Jr., says it's difficult for an organization to function effectively when people in decision-making positions can't be trusted.
This, following a recent clandestine search for a new football coach, and after Auburn was placed on probation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. That probation is a step away from the revokation of the school accreditation, which would mean the loss of millions in federal funding and well as an academically tarnished image.
Auburn President William Walker will discuss concerns with the school's faculty Senate at 9 o-clock this morning.
Meanwhile, SACS has removed Talladega College from probationary status.
The college had been on probation for two years as it faced questions about financial debts and its ability to pay for continuing operations. The college staged a series of fund-raisers to eliminate the debts.
Its removal from probation allows the school to keep its accreditation.