Auburn Hosts 60 Colleges In Landscape Competition

Mar 6, 2013

Auburn University will host the "Landscape Olympics" this weekend.

  More than 800 students from 60 colleges will be at Auburn University this weekend for a national event known as the "Landscape Olympics."

Auburn's team of 40 students will show off their skills in 28 events, including tree climbing.

The National Collegiate Landscape Competition attracts recruiters from 50 companies, including Caterpillar and John Deere. They will be at Auburn scouting for the nation's top prospects during the event.

Joe Eakes, head of the Auburn University Department of Horticulture says every graduating student has had at least one job offer since 1985.

Auburn's team will be up against last year's top teams from Michigan State and Brigham Young University. The students are hoping to win one of the 68 scholarships worth more than $74,000 that will be awarded. 

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