Amendment Six Challenging Probate Judge

Crenshaw County, AL – Amendment Six on Tuesday's ballot would strike down a law that has resulted in giving Crenshaw County's probate judge a 113 thousand dollar salary even though the county only has less than 14 thousand residents. If a majority of voters statewide vote yes, that amendment would do away with a salary scheme that was set in 1989 after then-state Representative Dwight Faulk introduced legislation tying the probate judge's salary to the district judge's. Faulk was later elected probate judge but is now serving a prison sentence for fraud in a landfill deal. Probate Judge James Perdue was appointed by former Governor Don Siegelman to replace Faulk. He says he does not oppose any attempt to reduce the salary. Meanwhile, Crenshaw County resident John Brunson has fought to repeal the salary. But he says he's concerned that the 54-word amendment is too confusing for voters.