Alabama Town Rejects Banning Bicyclists From Road

Jun 19, 2013

An Alabama town has decided not to pass an ordinance that would have banned bicyclists from riding on a stretch of road.

   The Irondale City Council this week voted against the ordinance, which involves Grants Mill Road.

   WBRC-TV reports ( that the narrow, windy stretch of road has no shoulder so there's little room for cars to pass cyclists.

   Irondale City Councilor Terry Bearden had proposed the ordinance, saying he almost had a head-on collision there after a driver in the opposite direction crossed over the lane to try and pass a cyclist.

   But cyclists objected, saying that drivers are the ones who need to be more patient and cautious.

   Cyclists say they're also relieved the measure didn't pass because they feared it would lead to bans on other roads.

   Information from: WBRC-TV,