Alabama Supreme Court may weigh in on Tuscaloosa School Board race

Nov 25, 2013

A controversial school board race apparently isn’t over just yet. The loser in the August election wants to take her legal challenge to the Alabama Supreme Court. Kelly Horwitz says the decision to continue fighting was a tough one to make. Tuscaloosa Circuit Judge James Roberts ruled about two weeks ago there was insufficient evidence for him to overturn the election. The judge also disagreed with Horwitz’ contention that fraternity and sorority members at the University of Alabama were bribed with alcohol to win votes for her opponent. If true, those allegations could be in violation with an Alabama State law dealing with election day incentives. Horwitz blames her loss at the polls on at least 60 students who may have cast illegal ballots due to a lack of residency. She plans to ask the State Supreme Court to rule on when students need to decide whether to vote in their home districts or switch to where they’re attending school. The race attracted media attention when sororities and fraternities hired limos to carry students voters to their precincts. Horwitz’ allegations also include the involvement of a shadowy student group known as the “machine.” Her opponent, Cason Kirby, was declared the winner in the race and sworn into office.