Alabama-Exxon Mobil Agree to Mediator

Montgomery, AL – One of America's best known mediators will handle negotiations as the state government and Exxon Mobil try to settle a three-point-six billion dollar dispute over natural gas royalties. The Alabama Supreme Court ordered the mediation in the case, and the two sides agreed on Eric Green to handle the talks. The two sides and Green are scheduled to meet July 30th. A Montgomery County Circuit Court jury awarded a record 11-point-nine billion dollar verdict to the state in November in a legal dispute accusing Exxon Mobil of intentionally underpaying royalties from natural gas wells drilled in state-owned waters along the Alabama coast. Green also served as the mediator in 2003 when Solutia and Monsanto agreed to pay 700 million dollars to settle claims by more than 20 thousand Anniston residents over P-C-B contamination.