Sen. Slade Blackwell en Blackwell A Possible Contender For Bachus Seat <p></p><p>Possible U.S. House candidates are coming forward following Rep. Spencer Bachus&#39; decision against seeking re-election for Alabama&#39;s 6th District congressional seat.</p><p>Republican state Sen. Slade Blackwell of Mountain Brooks says he is considering the opportunity to run for the position, and his final decision will be based on his family.</p><p>Walker County minister Stan Cooke says people are encouraging him to switch from the GOP lieutenant governor&#39;s race to a House campaign. But he is leaning toward staying with the lieutenant governor&#39;s campaign.</p> Mon, 30 Sep 2013 21:39:43 +0000 The Associated Press 38871 at Blackwell A Possible Contender For Bachus Seat