Wiley Barnard Alabama Music Hall of Fame

Maggie Martin/APR News

The head of the troubled Alabama Music Hall of Fame is stepping down from the position after two years.

Hall executive director Wiley Barnard announced his resignation on Thursday.

Barnard quit two years to the day after he became director.

The museum is located in Tuscumbia, but it's been closed since late 2011 because of funding shortfalls linked to a reduction in state support.

The hall is at least $42,000 in debt, and leaders have considered moving it to other cities including Birmingham.

Maggie Martin/APR News

The Alabama Music Hall of Fame's board of directors has given its executive director the authority to consider offers to move the attraction to Birmingham or Huntsville.

The TimesDaily reports (http://bit.ly/Zj8kYS ) that the Tuscumbia facility remains closed with no plans to reopen.

Executive Director Wiley Barnard said he was approached by groups interested in moving the hall of fame and at least a portion of the museum to the other Alabama cities. He would not specifically identify who approached him.