University of Alabama in Huntsville shooting

Former university professor Amy Bishop is asking a judge in Huntsville to delay action in lawsuits against her.

The two suits were filed by victims of a 2010 shooting spree at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. Bishop pleaded guilty to the crime.

Bishop maintains that information in the lawsuits could jeopardize her appeal in her criminal case.

A court had stopped action in the lawsuits while Bishop was awaiting trial. Attorneys were allowed to resume gathering evidence when she pleaded guilty to murder.

Wikimedia Commons

The woman who admitted shooting six coworkers at the University of Alabama in Huntsville could receive royalties from the university for an invention that's expected to start generating revenue soon.

Bishop and her husband, Jim Anderson, invented a cell incubator that has been developed for sale by InQ Biosciences. UAH owns the patent, but Bishop and Anderson are in line for part of the royalties.