Tuskegee High School desegregation 1963

Civil Rights Movement
9:09 am
Sun September 1, 2013

Former Students Look Back 50 Years After Integration of Tuskegee High School

Part of the exhibit at the Tuskegee center talks about the struggles of desegregating Tuskegee High School. Here, a photo from 1963 shows Alabama state troopers blocking the 13 black students from entering the high school on September 2, 1963.
Tuskegee Human & Civil Rights Multicultural Center

If you'd like to hear more of Alabama Public Radio's international award winning coverage of the civil rights movement, click below. Pat D. All year long on Alabama Public Radio, we’re looking at the 50th anniversary of key moments in the civil rights movement. One of the biggest fights in the movement was the effort to desegregate schools. That included Tuskegee High School.  In 1963, a lawsuit was filed to desegregate, and a federal court agreed. Thirteen black students were chosen to integrate the school and anticipated starting classes with their white peers on September 2nd.

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