Superintendent Martha Peek

Mobile County Public Schools

New figures released by the Alabama Department of Education show Mobile County schools Superintendent Martha Peek is the highest-paid in the state. reports that Peek earns an annual salary of $204,000 overseeing the largest school system in Alabama with an enrollment of 59,000 students.

Second on the list is Birmingham City Schools' Craig Witherspoon, who earns $202,155 overseeing a system with 24,629 students.

Ryan Vasquez

  Government Street in Mobile is a bustling center of activity—kind of like what you’d see in a lot of big U.S. cities. The only thing that might seem out of place is the school. But that’s where Barton Academy, the first public school in Alabama, was built back in the late 1830s. Jerry Curran attended Barton during World War 2.

“I rode my bicycle to Barton Academy to be honest with you I see bicycles around but I wouldn’t want a kid to ride a bicycle down Government Street or Conti Street or any of them today,” says Curran. “So it was sleepy I guess you could say.”