State Revenue Commissioner Julie Magee


State tax officials say some parents wrongly claimed tax credits under the new Alabama Accountability Act and are being asked to return it.

State Revenue Commissioner Julie Magee and Deputy Commissioner Curtis Stewart say the department's review is ongoing and it's too early to say how many will be asked to return their refunds or pay additional taxes.


Alabama's Revenue Department slowed about 100,000 personal income tax refunds this year because of a new computer program designed to catch identity theft and tax fraud.

Revenue Commissioner Julie Magee says identity theft has become such a problem that her department used the program to watch for fraud clues. That means some taxpayers have waited longer than normal for their tax refunds and will be paid 3 percent interest as required by state law.

Magee tells that she would rather pay interest to taxpayers than make payments to identity thieves.

Alabama vehicle owners can now pre-order new distinctive license plate designs online.

State Revenue Commissioner Julie Magee says motorists who want to help an organization acquire the necessary number of pre-sales for a distinctive license plate no longer have to go to their county tag office. The new process allows motorists to go a website ( ) and pre-order. The commissioner says the computer site will be easier and quicker for motorists.