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Valdez, Alaska – Part Two "The View from Valdez." Bob Donald is the talk of the town in Gulf Shores near Alabama's beaches. Before moving to the beaches, he and his wife lived in Valdez, Alaska during the Exxon Valdez oil spill in 1989. Donald, former Valdez Mayor Dave Cobb, and first responder Stan Stevens re-live the accident on Prince William Sound, and the painful aftermath Gulf coast residents may face here in the years to come.

Tuscaloosa AL – In her final episode of Prototype, executive producer Courtney Bowland takes into a brief "hibernation" with a recap of some favorite stories as told by her faithful staff of reporters. Stay tuned as a new voice comes to Prototype this summer!

Tuscaloosa, AL – In this edition of Prototype, Todd Panciera talks with some University of Alabama seniors about their memories from college. Ryan Vasquez follows that with a chat with an ESPN scouting director about the celebrity aspect of football recruits. Executive Producer Courtney Bowland tries to keep herself composed as she nears the end of her EP tenure.

Tuscaloosa, AL – On this edition of Prototype, Bulter Cain talks with a journalist who has traveled all the way from Germany, and Courtney Bowland talks love and relationships with Dr. Linda Enders, a marriage and family therapist.

Tuscaloosa, AL – In this edition of Prototype, Todd Panciera interviews a blood plasma donor and finds out about the peculiar job requirements it takes to be one. Brandon Hollingsworth looks at some off-the-wall college classes that students are able to take. Executive Producer Courtney Bowland produced the show.

Tuscaloosa, AL – In this edition of Prototype, Tricia Masucci investigates the process involved in "How To" make beer. Ryan Vasquez talks to a few college football recruitors about the demands of their job. And Courtney Bowland, our Executive Producer, tells us how you can contribute to the APR Fund drive and how it might get you a free iPod Nano.

Tuscaloosa, AL – In this episode of Prototype, Brett Tannehill show us "How To" prune a crape myrtle tree. The tree is often cut improperly, a phenomenon called Crape Murder. Tricia Massuci focuses her health report on the month of March. She reviews past advice and health tips, and also some new health advice. As always, Courtney Bowland is the Executive Producer.

Tuscaloosa, AL – This week on Prototype, Gina Smith reports on a piece of music written to honor the students who were killed one year ago in the Enterprise tornado. Then, Todd Panciera lightens the mood with a discussion about a class that has a strong link to "Sienfeld." Courtney Bowland is our executive producer.

Tuscaloosa, AL – In this week's edition of Prototype, Courtney Bowland explains leap year; Tricia Masucci looks into dental hygiene in her health report, and Todd Panciera gives tips on how to find a suitable house or apartment.

Tuscaloosa, AL – Barbeque and credit cards top the agenda this week. Alexa Stabler reports on the dangers associated with free spending, and Butler Cain tells us about barbeque judging school. Courtney Bowland is our Executive Producer.

Tuscaloosa, AL – This week on Prototype, Tricia Masucci talks to a special guest flown in from above in this week's "A Day in the Life of...." Todd Panciera shows us fun things to do on Valentine's Day, and Courtney Bowland wraps up the show with a few Valentine's Day facts.

Tuscaloosa, AL – This Week on Prototype, Jacksonville State University reporter Brandon Hollingsworth takes a look into the ''Ron Paul phenomenon.'' Then, APR News reporter Gina Smith tells us about her visit to a vineyard in central Alabama where she learned that making wine requires patience and a little bit of luck. Courtney Bowland is our Executive Producer.

Tuscaloosa, AL – Prototype gets spacey and cheesy this week. Guest reporter Alexa Stabler tells us about a discovery that has astronomers reconsidering their view of our universe. Then, Alabama Public Radio's Gina Smith teaches us how to make goat cheese. Executive Producer Courtney Bowland guides us through the entire show.

Tuscaloosa, AL – This week on Prototype, Alisa Beckwith-Ayilliath reports on an exhibit of artifacts from Pompeii -- you know, the city destroyed by Mt. Vesuvius. Tricia Masucci then brings us a story of a sister's love for her brother, and how she's remembering him after his death in Iraq. Executive Producer Courtney Bowland produced the episode, as usual.

Tuscaloosa, AL – Prototype is back! This week, we hear from Butler Cain, who went to a conference at the University of Alabama that explored whether or not the U.S. Constitution should be rewritten to fit today's standards. He asked some law students who attended the conference their opinions.

Next, Ryan Vasquez has a medical miracle story about a patient who is managing dystonia after taking a route less traveled to surpress his disease.

Tuscaloosa, AL – At times, the concepts of science and religion are in conflict. But new evidence is emerging about that debate -- on a genetic level -- with the identification of the first of many genes related to language and communication. Alabama Public Radio's Brett Tannehill reports.

Tuscaloosa, AL – In the final installment of Alabama Public Radio's DNA Files series, we look at genetics and ethnicity. As Alisa Beckwith-Ayilliath reports, science is raising new questions about the way we think about ourselves.

Tuscaloosa, AL – We revisit the Caldwell Lab at the University of Alabama where research is being done to discover the causes and potential cures for diseases such as Parkinson's. What is interesting about the lab may not be what is being researched, but who is doing the research -- college undergraduates. Alabama Public Radio's Ryan Vasquez reports.

Tuscaloosa, AL – Our DNA Files Series continues with a look at the importance of minority participation in clinical trials. Researchers are relying on community based approaches to accomplish the task of attracting more minority participants to their trials. Alabama Public Radio's Alisa Beckwith-Ayilliath reports.

New Orleans – Boeing will use NASA's Michoud Assembly Center in New Orleans to produce an avionics system that will control the Ares I rocket intended to send astronauts back to the moon.

NASA yesterday awarded Boeing a 799.5 million dollar contract to produce the system that will provide guidance, navigation and control for the rocket until it reaches orbit.

Tuscaloosa, AL – We say "buh-bye" to 2007 with our last episode of the year. Butler Cain spoke with some University of Alabama students about what they like -- and don't like -- about finals week, and Tricia Masucci got some perspective from a man who sells Christmas trees. Courtney Bowland wrapped up the show in pretty paper and a ribbon for our enjoyment.

Tuscaloosa, AL – There is groundbreaking work being done with Parkinson's Disease research at a little place called the Worm Shack. It's an unusual name for a place responsible for such a scientific achievement.

In this edition of The DNA Files, we take a look at the Caldwell Lab at the University of Alabama. Alabama Public Radio's Ryan Vasquez reports.

Tuscaloosa, AL – This week on Prototype, Brett Tannehill tells us how to keep our plants from freezing to death, and Todd Panciera brings us some holiday trivia. As usual, Executive Producer Courtney Bowland brings us the show.

Photo courtesy of Eagle Aquaculture.

Tuscaloosa, AL – The bulk of the nation's catfish industry is located primarily in two states -- Alabama and Mississippi. It has been a tough time, lately. Market prices have dropped, Asian imports are increasing, and southern catfish farmers are feeling the financial pinch. However, science may be providing a competitive edge by creating a bigger, healthier catfish that's ready for market more quickly. Alabama Public Radio's Butler Cain reports.

Tuscaloosa, AL – This week on Prototype, Ryan Vasquez talks turkey, Brandon Hollingsworth talks tornados, and Courtney Bowland talks with Troy University.

Tuscaloosa, AL – Prototype's Thanksgiving holiday edition includes host Courtney Bowland a report from Tricia Masucci on ''Black Friday,'' a bargain hunter's most favorite day.

Tuscaloosa, AL – This week Adam Shivers reports on the "Becoming an Outdoor Woman" camp situated in Columbiana. Ryan Vasquez also reports on the 64th annual peanut festival, celebrated in Dothan for the 10th year in a row. Courtney Bowland also interviews Brandon Hollingsworth about Jaskconville State University happenings and controversies.

Tuscaloosa, AL – This week in Prototype, Todd Panciera finds out what it's like to work in the skyboxes during a University of Alabama football game; Tricia Masucci tells us how new technology is revolutionizing the college campus tour; and we hear from the campus of the University of Alabama in Huntsville.

Tuscaloosa, AL – This week in Prototype, Todd Panciera talks to someone who works in the skyboxes during University of Alabama football games; Tricia Masucci tells us how new technology is revolutionizing the way you can tour campus; and we learn what's happening at the University of Alabama in Huntsville.