Richard Shelby

Shelby on Immigration, SEC Primaries

Jun 10, 2015

One of the Alabama’s U.S. senators is leading the charge against the president’s request to pay to legal help for unaccompanied immigrant children. A-P-R’s Stan Ingold reports...

Senator Richard Shelby is the chief author of a spending bill funding the Justice Department. And he's the one saying no to President Obama's funding request.

The fifty million dollars would have been used to pay for legal aid for immigrant children fleeing violence in Latin America.

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U.S. Sen. Richard Shelby of Alabama says he's opposed to a resolution for the use of American military force in Syria.

The senator announced his position Tuesday after attending a Senate Republican Conference lunch with President Barack Obama.

Shelby says the president failed to articulate a compelling American interest in Syria's civil war. He also says the president failed to explain what he intends to achieve, or how he intends to achieve it.

Shelby said "I will vote against President Obama's plan because it appears that he does not really have one."

Greeks are famous for choosing self-employment over working for others. That is a commonplace. There's more money and freedom in owning your own business, however humble, and being the boss. In any case, these Greeks took a look at the coal mines, where miners were killed in ceiling collapses and explosions, and at the foundries, where workers slaved away in the summer near furnaces in unimaginable heat, and "discovered they were better suited for the restaurant and food service industries."