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Tuscaloosa, AL – Voters recently interviewed in Tuscaloosa, Alabama said they wanted to hear less about the personal family matters of the presidential candidates, and more about major issues of concern.

"We've gotten so far away from an issues-based campaign that we're discussing things that have no bearing whatsoever on how well a person will lead," said Brooke, a voter from Tennessee.

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Tuscaloosa AL – We've heard from potential voters about what they want the presidential candidates to talk more about. Today, we'll hear two of the major differences in what John McCain and Barack Obama have planned for education. Alabama Public Radio's Brett Tannehill files this report, which starts with Sarah - one of the people we met in our previous segment (Voters Want More 1) ...

St. Paul, MN – Alabama delegates say they are headed home from the national convention feeling a bit more confident with the Republican ticket than when they left. Sara Sciammacco reports from Saint Paul.

St. Paul, MN – This week Capitol News Connection has been checking in with Alabama delegates at the Republican National Convention in St Paul. Reporter Matt Laslo sends this first-person audio postcard from the convention floor.

Denver, CO – Some Alabama delegation members wrestle with their first experience at the Democratic National Convention. Others are hip to the scene. But they are all here backing one man -- Barack Obama. Elizabeth Wynne Johnson reports from Denver.

Photo Courtesy of Senator Jeff Sessions

Washington, DC – Republican U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions is playing an instrumental role in scheduling a vote in July on a proposed constitutional amendment in the Senate. The amendment could help determine the fate of same-sex marriages. Chad Pergram reports from Capitol Hill.

Photo courtesy of Secretary of State

Florence, AL – Runoff elections will be held in 24 counties across the state Tuesday (6/29). However, Alabama's Secretary of State says she's worried about voter apathy. From our University of North Alabama bureau, Pat Sanders reports.


Tuscaloosa, AL – As the University of Alabama slips into its summer routine, noticeable changes are happening right off of campus. The area known simply as The Strip is losing some of its old flavor while at the same time gaining some big improvements. Can this area where students and others from the Tuscaloosa community come to eat, drink and be merry hold on to its unique identity? Alabama Public Radio's Kerri Gentine reports.

Washington, DC – National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice appears before the Sept. 11 commission today. She'll be questioned about the Bush administration's approach to terrorism before the 2001 attacks.

Listen to live testimony from NPR.

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State Supreme Court Steps Aside

Dec 16, 2003

Washington, DC – In Washington, Senators have been meeting since Wednesday morning. The Republican leadership elected to keep the Senate in session to bring attention to what they call Democratic obstruction of President Bush's judicial nominees. The failed nomination of Alabama Attorney General Bill Pryor to become a federal judge became a focal point of the debate. Chad Pergram reports from Capitol Hill.