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2:12 pm
Tue June 29, 2004

Debate Over Same-Sex Marriage

U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions supports taking a vote on a constitutional amendment to define marriage.
Photo Courtesy of Senator Jeff Sessions

Washington, DC – Republican U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions is playing an instrumental role in scheduling a vote in July on a proposed constitutional amendment in the Senate. The amendment could help determine the fate of same-sex marriages. Chad Pergram reports from Capitol Hill.

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4:36 pm
Mon June 28, 2004

Most Alabamians Decline to Visit Polls

Secretary of State Nancy Worley says turnout for primary election runoffs may reach record lows.
Photo courtesy of Secretary of State

Florence, AL – Runoff elections will be held in 24 counties across the state Tuesday (6/29). However, Alabama's Secretary of State says she's worried about voter apathy. From our University of North Alabama bureau, Pat Sanders reports.


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12:22 pm
Wed June 16, 2004

Changes Along Tuscaloosa's Strip

The Cycle Path along Tuscaloosa's Strip advertises its space for rent. The business is relocating to another area of the city.

Tuscaloosa, AL – As the University of Alabama slips into its summer routine, noticeable changes are happening right off of campus. The area known simply as The Strip is losing some of its old flavor while at the same time gaining some big improvements. Can this area where students and others from the Tuscaloosa community come to eat, drink and be merry hold on to its unique identity? Alabama Public Radio's Kerri Gentine reports.

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3:28 pm
Thu April 8, 2004

The September 11 Hearings

Washington, DC – National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice appears before the Sept. 11 commission today. She'll be questioned about the Bush administration's approach to terrorism before the 2001 attacks.

Listen to live testimony from NPR.

Listen to prior testimony.

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Alabama Supreme Court
9:17 am
Tue December 16, 2003

State Supreme Court Steps Aside

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11:11 am
Thu November 13, 2003

Senate Filibuster Continues

Washington, DC – In Washington, Senators have been meeting since Wednesday morning. The Republican leadership elected to keep the Senate in session to bring attention to what they call Democratic obstruction of President Bush's judicial nominees. The failed nomination of Alabama Attorney General Bill Pryor to become a federal judge became a focal point of the debate. Chad Pergram reports from Capitol Hill.

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