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Affordable Care Amendment
4:27 pm
Fri November 2, 2012

Alabama Voters Take On Affordable Care Act

Amendment 6 will allow Alabama voters to express their views on the Affordable Care Act without having any significant legal impact.
Credit istockphoto

A constitutional amendment on Tuesday's ballot will allow Alabama voters to express their views on the Affordable Care Act without having any significant legal impact.

Amendment 6 would prohibit any person, employer or health care provider from being compelled to participate in any health care system.

The sponsor, former Republican state Rep. Blaine Galliher of Rainbow City, says it allows voters to express their views on the act and its passage will encourage the state attorney general to keep pursuing legal challenges.

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11:21 am
Fri November 2, 2012

A 2012 Statewide Amendments Overview With The League Of Women Voters

Alabamian's will get to decide on 11 amendments to the state's constitution on November 6.
Credit Vox Efx / Flickr

Election Day is less than a week away and there are many important races ranging from local all the way up to national for voters to decide. Alabamians will also have a chance to decide the outcome of 11 amendments on this year’s ballot as well. Alabama Public Radio’s Ryan Vasquez has an overview of the ballot measures and some of the amendments that are drumming up controversy.

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5:42 pm
Thu November 1, 2012

In Key Senate Races, Outside Groups Outpace Candidates' Ad Spending

U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown (right), D-Ohio, debates his Republican challenger, Ohio state Treasurer Josh Mandel, at the City Club in Cleveland on Oct. 15.
Tony Dejak AP

Originally published on Fri November 2, 2012 6:52 pm

Most of the attention heading into Election Day may be on the presidential race, but the stakes are also high in the battle for the U.S. Senate, where there are close contests in about a dozen states.

According to an NPR analysis of Kantar Media CMAG data, outside groups are spending more than $100 million blanketing the airwaves. This won't come as a surprise if you live in a state with a competitive Senate race.

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Politics & Government
5:37 pm
Thu November 1, 2012

Report: Non-Partisan Research Service Pulls Tax Report After GOP Complaints

Originally published on Thu November 1, 2012 7:36 pm

According to The New York Times, the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service pulled a report from its website after "after Senate Republicans raised concerns about the paper's findings and wording." The unit of the Library of Congress did so, despite objections from its economic team.

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Chief Justice Complaint
4:32 pm
Thu November 1, 2012

GOP Chairman Files FEC Complaint Against Democrat

Alabama's GOP Chairman is accusing Democratic chief justice candidate Bob Vance of violating federal election law.
Credit blog.al.com

Alabama Republican Party Chairman Bill Armistead is accusing Democratic chief justice candidate Bob Vance of violating federal election law with a $2,000 contribution to Barack Obama's presidential campaign in 2008.

Armistead filed a complaint with the Federal Elections Commission on Thursday saying that Vance should have registered as a federal campaign committee after he made the contribution from his state campaign account.

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Budget Suit
4:23 pm
Thu November 1, 2012

Judge Dismisses Suit Challenging Alabama Budget

A judge has dismissed a lawsuit contending Alabama's General Fund budget violated state laws requiring balanced budgets.

A judge has dismissed a lawsuit that contended Alabama's $1.7 billion General Fund budget violated state laws requiring balance budgets.

Former Republican state Sen. John Rice of Auburn filed the lawsuit in August. He contended the fiscal 2013 budget was improper because it was based on voters approving a constitutional amendment in September to transfer nearly $146 million a year for three years to the General Fund. He contended that basing the budget on revenue not yet in hand violated state law. Voters approved the transfer Sept. 18.

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3:55 pm
Thu November 1, 2012

China Offers Proposal For Ceasefire In Syria

Originally published on Thu November 1, 2012 7:37 pm

China, which along with Russia has repeatedly rejected international intervention in the civil war in Syria, issued a cease-fire proposal on Thursday.

The proposal, reports The New York Times, calls for a "phased-in truce" and the "establishment of a transitional authority," but does stop short of calling for the ouster of President Bashar Assad.

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Politics & Government
12:36 pm
Thu November 1, 2012

If Presidential Election Held Today, Clint Would Beat Oprah

A life-sized cardboard cutout of actor, director and politician Clint Eastwood stands next to an empty chair cutout north of Los Angeles, California. Eastwood's 12-minute conversation with an empty chair representing President Obama sparked much attention at the 2012 Republican National Convention.
David McNew Getty Images

Originally published on Thu November 1, 2012 2:12 pm

File this under "I didn't really think there was anything else I could learn about or care about swing state voters, and then came this."

Swing state voters by 42-38 percent would prefer a President Clint Eastwood over a President Oprah Winfrey.

Republican swing state voters would prefer President Stephen Colbert over President Jon Stewart by a 3-to-1 margin. Flip that for swing state Democrats.

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12:31 pm
Thu November 1, 2012

Obama Returns To The Post-Sandy Campaign Trail

President Obama campaigns Thursday in Green Bay, Wis.
Tom Lynn AP

Originally published on Thu November 1, 2012 1:49 pm

Just five days before Election Day, President Obama returned to the campaign trail after spending several days preoccupied with overseeing the federal response to the devastation in the Northeast in the wake of Superstorm Sandy.

Obama began his campaign re-emergence Thursday with a rally in Green Bay, Wis., a state where his once-substantial lead in polls over Republican Mitt Romney has narrowed to only a few points in a majority of the polls.

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Politics & Government
10:45 am
Thu November 1, 2012

Voter Fraud Billboards Stir Controversy

Billboards declaring "Voter Fraud is a Felony" were recently taken down in some urban Ohio and Wisconsin areas. But not before civil rights groups said they could intimidate minority voters and decrease turnout. Host Michel Martin talks with WCPN reporter Brian Bull about the billboards, who paid for them, and concerns about their lasting impact.

Politics & Government
8:22 am
Thu November 1, 2012

EPA Grants 16 States Clean Gas Waivers After Sandy

Credit wealthwire.com

The Obama administration is temporarily waiving some Clean Air Act requirements in 16 states, including Alabama, to reduce fuel disruptions from Superstorm Sandy.

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson says in a letter to governors that extreme circumstances related to Sandy will prevent enough gasoline from reaching consumers.

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5:01 pm
Wed October 31, 2012

Alfa-Backed Group: Get Segregation Language Out

The Alabama Public Policy Foundation is running radio ads promoting Amendments 4, 9 and 10 on this year's ballot.

A group formed in 2003 to fight Gov. Bob Riley's $1.2 billion tax plan is back with ads saying updating Alabama's constitution could help the state's economic recovery.

The Alabama Public Policy Foundation is running radio ads saying Amendments 4, 9 and 10 would be good "for jobs in Alabama." Amendment 4 would remove language on racially separate schools and poll taxes. Amendments 9 and 10 would update portions of the constitution dealing with corporations and banks.

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3rd Congressional District
4:16 pm
Wed October 31, 2012

Countdown To Election: Ala. District 3

Rep. Mike Rogers is running against Democrat John Harris for re-election to Alabama's 3rd Congressional District seat.
Credit Wikimedia Commons

Alabama's 3rd Congressional District is a diverse cross section of east central Alabama which goes from Montgomery to the Georgia border. Incumbent Republican Representative Mike Rogers has held the seat for the past ten years.  Rogers is being opposed this time around by Democrat John Harris.

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3:16 pm
Wed October 31, 2012

U of A President Guy Bailey steps down

University of Alabama

University of Alabama President Guy Bailey today announced that he will be leaving his post at the school, citing family reasons.

Dr. Bailey asssumed leadership of the University of Alabama in early September, after the U of A Board of Trustees approved his hiring unanimously back in July.

University of Alabama President Guy Bailey’s statement:

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7:43 am
Wed October 31, 2012

Absentee Voting Open to Alabama Rescue Workers

Alabama Secretary of State Beth Chapman
Credit sos.alabama.gov

The state's chief election official says Alabamians going to help storm victims in other states can vote an absentee ballot before they leave.

Secretary of State Beth Chapman says Thursday is the deadline to apply for an absentee ballot. Chapman said utility workers, Red Cross volunteers and others headed out of state can visit or contact their local absentee election manager's office before they leave and vote an absentee ballot so they will not miss the election.

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