Phil Campbell

A bill to prohibit a commonly used second-trimester abortion procedure has advanced in the Alabama Legislature.

The Senate voted 30-2 today for Republican Sen. Phil Williams' bill. A companion bill in the House has passed out of committee.

The legislation would prohibit a procedure called dilation and evacuation, or "D&E." The bill would allow the procedure in the event of a "serious health risk to the mother."

The bill's supporters describe the procedure as "heinous" and "barbaric."

Lawmakers will reconvene in Montgomery today for the final five days of the current legislative session, with a lot of work left to do.

Dozens of high-profile bills will be considered this week. One issue still in the air is Alabama Governor Robert Bentley’s $800 million bond issue that would close most of the existing state prison facilities in favor of four new large prisons. The bill has cleared the Senate but still faces a floor vote in the House.

Stan Ingold

All week long on Alabama Public Radio we’re looking at the progress of people and areas five years after the devastating April 27th 2011 tornadoes.  Tuscaloosa got a lot of the attention during the disaster. But, it wasn’t the only community hit hard.  A-P-R’s Stan Ingold has gone back to the small town of Phil Campbell to see if time has healed some of the wounds…

An E-F-5 tornado ripped through the small northwest Alabama community leveling much of the town.  

Phil Campbell, AL – All week on Alabama Public Radio, we're revisiting some of the people we spoke to in the days following the April 27th tornadoes and look at some of challenges ahead. Tuscaloosa wasn't the only city to suffer damage from the storms. The town of Phil Campbell was hit hard as well. A-P-R's Stan Ingold has been to Phil Campbell twice before following last April's tornadoes and he just finished a third trip to check on the little town with two names