Montgomery school grade changes

Montgomery school board members say they're being kept in the dark about allegations of improper grade changing and other issues.

Board members say they didn't realize an in-depth probe was being conducted by the state.

New allegations were contained in a letter sent from the state to Montgomery Superintendent Barbara Thompson. It was made public this week.

A number of issues were detailed, including more improper grade changes, teacher intimidation and an atmosphere that placed more emphasis on promotion than education.

Two Montgomery Public Schools teachers have alleged that they felt pressured to make improper grade changes.

The Montgomery Advertiser reported Sunday that ( Pamela West and Gardenia Wilson told the Montgomery County Board of Education they thought the decision to transfer them to other schools stemmed from their refusal to give students easier work to raise their grades.

(Information in the following story is from: Montgomery Advertiser,

Alabama's state school superintendent says he expects the Montgomery County school system to have a plan by Christmas to make sure grade-changing doesn't occur again.

State Superintendent Tommy Bice said the state Department of Education wants the plan for institutional control in place before the second semester starts. The department will appoint a monitor to make sure the school system carries out its new plan.

The mayor of Montgomery said everyone should "just shut up" about the investigation into whether grades were altered in Montgomery County's public school system.

Mayor Todd Strange said whatever the facts are, the board of education will do the right thing. He said his advice is for everyone to quit discussing the investigation until the results are seen.

The Montgomery Advertiser reports ( that the mayor made the comments as he closed his media briefing Thursday.