Michael Knight

Michael Knight of Mobile, Alabama is putting together a remarkably successful career, almost a model. He began with a volume of stories, Dogfight and Other Stories, and a novel, Divining Rod, both in 1998. There was then a second volume of stories, Goodnight, Nobody, in 2003 and a pair of novellas, The Holiday Season, in 2007. It is widely understood that the lead story in Goodnight, Nobody, entitled "Birdland," is being made into a feature film with Robert Duvall. Here's hoping.

The Holiday Season

Dec 4, 2007

Michael Knight, of Mobile, has written a pair of novellas about the holidays. One, the title story, covers Thanksgiving and Christmas, and the other, "Love at the End of the Year," New Year's Eve, the party that always disappoints.

Ah, the holidays. Family. Food. Good times. We look forward to the gatherings and remember them fondly. Sometimes maybe more fondly than they deserve. Often, they disappoint. Expectations too high?

Goodnight, Nobody

Aug 25, 2003

Goodnight, Nobody follows the novel Divining Rod and the story collection Dogfight and Other Stories. Knight, originally from Mobile and now at the University of Tennessee, is building himself an impressive career.

Goodnight, Nobody