Maxwell Air Force Base

Conference set for Monday at Maxwell Air Force Base

May 3, 2015

A national security conference next week is expected to bring more than 100 people to Maxwell Air Force Base. The three-day annual forum starts Monday and is sponsored by the Air University's Air War College and the secretary of the Air Force. The Montgomery Advertiser reports this year's theme is "Defining America's Role in an Uncertain Word."This year's topics include the civil war in Syria, U.S.-China relations, cyberwarfare and Russia.

 Alabama residents have split opinions on whether immigrant children crossing into the United States should be housed at Maxwell Air Force Base.

Officials at the Federal Emergency Management Agency notified Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley's office this week that Maxwell is under consideration for housing the influx of immigrant minors arriving in the country.

Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery could house immigrant children.

A spokeswoman for Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley says the federal government has notified the governor that Maxwell is being considered. Communications Director Jennifer Ardis says the governor's chief of staff got a call from the Federal Emergency Management Agency late Wednesday afternoon. She said it's not known how many children could be placed or how soon they might be placed

Ryan Vasquez

A quick glance around a classroom at Maxwell Air Force Base looks more like a United Nations meeting. Flags for Nigeria, Japan, Macedonia and many more countries adorn the students green flight suits along with squadron patches and aviation accomplishments. That’s because this class is called “Understanding and Working With the U.S. Military.” Dr. Brian Selmeski is the instructor.

“We have one civilian, nine military ranging from Captain to Lieutenant Colonel they are from ten different countries and between them they must speak oh at least 25 languages”

U.S. Air Force officials have told Alabama officials that it has altered an earlier proposal and no longer plans to relocate C-130 aircraft from the 908th Airlift Wing stationed at Maxwell Air Force Base.

Earlier this year, cuts to the U.S. Department of Defense budget prompted the U.S. Air Force to announce that it would retire older aircraft — which could include seven of Maxwell Air Force Base's eight C-130H cargo planes. That decision could affect hundreds of employees.