lieutenant governor race

Wikimedia Commons

Former Lt. Gov. Jim Folsom Jr. says he's not planning to run for lieutenant governor even though he filed paperwork creating a campaign committee for this year's race.

Folsom said Monday the filing on Friday was required by Alabama's new campaign finance law because he has a small balance left from his 2010 campaign.


Five dollars has become an issue in the race for lieutenant governor.

Lt. Gov. Kay Ivey's campaign treasurer, Will Sellers, made a $5 donation Tuesday to her Republican primary opponent, Stan Cooke. Sellers sent the money through Cooke's campaign website hours after candidates for statewide office were supposed to suspend fundraising.

Cooke says it was a deliberate attempt to trap him.

Sellers says he noticed that Cooke's website was still accepting donations after the cutoff, and he decided to have some fun by making a small donation.