Lewis Bowling

“Alabama Football Tales: More Than a Century of Crimson Tide Glory”

Author: Lewis Bowling

Publisher: The History Press

Pages: 128

Price: $16.99 (paper)

Since the University of Alabama had the most revered football coach ever in Paul “Bear” Bryant, often has the best football team in the country and is supported by millions of devoted fans and alums, it is no surprise that there is a huge demand for books about the Crimson Tide. Sports writers are well aware of this demand and do their best to meet it.

This book is for fans, and I might say, fans only. It is loaded with statistics and relentless game-by-game, quarter-by-quarter, score-by-score, and even play-by-play summaries. Let me say simply that the statistics are incredible. Alabama teams went up to twenty games without a loss, without even been scored upon. In 1930, Alabama scored 247 points, opponents 13.

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