Kelly Horwitz Tuscaloosa

Tuscaloosa School Board Challenge May Chart New Legal Waters

Oct 15, 2013

EDITOR'S NOTE--- The judge in the case has ruled that Horwitz has met legal requirements and the case can proceed to trial. Pat D.

University of Alabama

The president of the University of Alabama says the school can't investigate voter fraud allegations until local and state agencies have done so.

University president Judy Bonner wrote a letter to students and faculty in response to allegations that some of the school's fraternities and sororities encouraged members to vote for municipal elections candidates by offering free drinks and other incentives.

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The losing candidates in a Tuscaloosa city election are raising claims that University of Alabama students got free drinks to vote for their opponents.

   Denise Hills and Kelly Horwitz both lost city school board races on Tuesday, and each says Alabama students could have wrongly affected the outcome.

   The Tuscaloosa News ( ) reports that members of a sorority allegedly received an email saying they'd get free alcohol at two bars if they voted.