Joe Hilley

“Desert Rose: The Life and Legacy of Coretta Scott King”

Author: Edythe Scott Bagley, With Joe Hilley; Afterword by Bernice A. King

Publisher: The University of Alabama Press

Pages: 318

Price: $34.95 (Cloth)

“Desert Rose” is a sympathetic, personal remembrance of Coretta Scott King by one who knew her best.

A lowlife loser named Dibber Landry (given name Dilbert) is waiting in his family's house on the north side of Dauphin Island for the eye of the hurricane to arrive. He then quickly gets into his motorboat and rides to the south side of the island to loot houses that have been evacuated. Things are going fine until, after gathering up items of value in the Marchand family house, Dibber comes upon a corpse.

Night Rain: A Mike Connolly Mystery

Electric Beach

Aug 28, 2006

Click on the MP3 above to listen to Don Noble's review of Electric Beach by Joe Hilley. Transcript to follow soon.

Joseph Hilley has written two mystery novels, Sober Justice and Double Take, set in Mobile/Fairhope, Alabama. While the first book claims religious interventions help lawyer Mike Connolly find evidence in a murder case, the second book is along the lines of a more traditional mystery novel.