Jennifer Paddock

“The Weight of Memory: A Novel”

Author: Jennifer Paddock

Publisher: MacAdam/Cage Publishing

Pages: 254

Price: $24.00 (Cloth)

Jennifer Paddock is a young woman who writes novels about young women.

Her first, “A Secret Word,” 2004, tells the stories of three girls, friends, growing up in Fort Smith, Arkansas, Paddock’s home town. The three girls were close and were all in love privately with Trey, who died in a wreck.

Paddock's first novel, "A Secret Word," is set mainly in her home town of Fort Smith, Arkansas.

I had been aware for some time that down in Fairhope, Alabama, Jennifer Paddock, wife of the short story writer Sidney Thompson, was writing novels, but I had not gotten around to reading them. Then, recently, The Alabama State Council on the Arts awarded Paddock the 2008 Literature Fellowship in Fiction to help her complete her third novel. It was past time to pay attention.